List of device models on which TraceCORONA App has been tested

Device modelAndroid versionIssues
Google Pixel 310
Google Pixel 3a10
Google Pixel 4 XL10
Honor NEM-L226
Huawei Mate 3010
Huawei Mate 1010
Huawei Mate 89
Huawei P2010
Moto G46
Nokia 710
Nokia 7.210
Realme- RMX197110
Samsung Galaxy S78
Samsung Galaxy S89
Samsung Galaxy S99
Samsung Galaxy S9+10
Samsung Galaxy S1010
Samsung Note 910
Sony Xperia X8
Sony Z5 Compact7
Xiaomi Mi 9T10
Xiaomi Mi Mix 29
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro9
Device models tested with TraceCORONA