The Biggest Piece in the Pandemic Puzzle: Tracking Societal Effects of COVID-19

Contact tracing and tracing apps like TraceCORONA are only one piece in the puzzle of encountering and coping with a disease like COVID-19. For generating useful information for authorities and policymakers it is at least equally important to obtain timely and representative information about the societal impacts and perceptions of it in the general population.

A very interesting project in this regard is the Covid19 Impact Survey conducted by our colleagues from Spain. It consists of an on-line survey comprising 25 concise and easy-to-answer questions that can help the researchers to obtain important information about how the disease impacts the life of people in different countries, how people perceive these implications and what they think about it. Participating in the survey will help the researchers in obtaining a rich and up-to-date view on the impact of COVID-19 on societies on a general level.

The anonymous survey developed by the Government of Valencia (spanish version) and ELLIS Alicante (non-spanish versions) is available in 12 different languages and can be found here.

The privacy policy related to the survey can be found here.

The researchers have made available a research report related to initial results of the survey as well as a highly interesting overview of response statistics.